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Welcome to my (our) wiki page.

Here, you will find resources that I have found, remixed, or created to help me be as creative as I think I can be. Please allow me to share tools, links, and people who help me innovate. Enjoy!!!!!!

WEB 2.0 (ReThinking IT):

Mixing and Creating Information and Pushing it Up!

Web 2.0 Movie

Creative movie that explains the evolution of the next stage of the Internet.


Bloglines allows you to manage your links to websites where you have subscribed to receive any information as soon as its published.


Flickr: My favorite stage and community:


A Great mash up of apps is this Flickr Image Viewer from Airtight Studios. Check it out here.
(NOTE: If you want to see your tagged images, make an alteration to part of the URL to include what you wish to see. Replace ALASMEDIA with another tag like WINGS).

Sound/ Music/ Software:

Gcast-- A cool way of recording audio using your phone. Also, a great way to share your music: : great site for music sharing and remixing. I don't mean like copyright no-no's-- I mean real, original music. Great website to see how musicians collaborate. Teachers, we can learn a lot from them.

Mash-ups is a term that came from the "new" DJ Culture. DJ Artists like DJ Shadow, Z Trip and others began to explore the layering (or compositing) of tracks on top of each other. For example, they would use a Tower of Power song and add the vocals of The Cookie Monster rapping over it. Its an art!!!!!! This combining of music, genre, styles, beats, etc-- showed that cool new "remixes" can happen thanks to the technology.

This concept **//serendipidously//** has made its way into the software realm. Now, you can take your Flickr images, your Gcast audio description of the image location, and a lil Youtube video you shot after taking the picture-- and posting it on Google Maps for others to see where you took the picture, listen to you explaining why you took it, and see a video of the surrounding area.

Movie: Mix Master Mike (Basic Idea) from the documentary Scratch

A cool site to listen to this amazing skills: Note. This isn't for everyone. If you appreciate new music art forms-- DJing, Electronic music, Hip Hop, Scratching, Remixing, Mash-Ups-- you'll like the site. Be cautious, I may not recommend this to kids. Since you're my target audience (Adults)-- I am recommending it.

Here is a link to my colleague's description of GCAST.

images-2.jpeg : student movies : my movies and some student movies. : a how to guide for teachers who need a little help on how to use multimedia in the classrooms. We take a Rachel Ray approach to our instructional methods. This is produced by students, former students of mine, and muah.


Photography (learning sites): I showed how a photography community is using the interactivity of the web to share the WHAT, the HOW, and the WHY. Theses are the sites I used to explain the point. This is a community of Photographers who want to either learn or share with others (amateurs and or professionals) about lighting more effectively and creatively. Its a niche group with a massive network. They don't discuss Web 2.0: blogs, wikis, podcasts. They talk photography lighting: the affect. The stage is web 2.0.


Strobist: YouTube (How)
Strobist: Flickr (What)
Strobist: Blog (What/ How)
Strobist: Candid Frame (Why)

The other example I used of a very good "web 2" site is Epicurious. See how they integrate as much as possible to help the "push-upper" and the "pull-downer" of information. I love the affect!!!!!!!!

Tools: Screen Sharing for PCs & Macs

yugma.gif : Screen Sharing Tool for Multiplatform computers. This tool is not as elegant and as smooth as iChat Screen Sharing, but its an option for the Windows world. It works on PCs, Macs, and Linux machines (I think). This one is just a viewing tool as oppose to a full-two-way interactive. In other words, you can only view the other person's desktop.

For Macs: The Apple Leopard version (iChat) allow you or the person you're sharing access to control their / or your desktop. If you have a Mac and you can run the latest operating system-- GET IT!!!!!! Make sure your network of Yodas have it too. You may need their help to something with your computer and this is the only way you two can share, interact, collaborate in revolutionary new ways. Ill post a movie on how this looks later tomorrow.

external image 2092001308_7ef4a716ee_o.jpg


Wiki Tip: MOVIE: Adding Images to the Wiki

Here is a movie showing you how to add images to your wiki site. Enjoy. [Note: Large files so it may take a bit to load]
external image 1448590170_6953e05420_m.jpg

MOVIE: On Creativity: Lalo


Lalo Garcia is a local artist who is famous for his creative approach to sacred art. He feels he is finally doing his most important work now because he has limited himself. Lets look at these 3 videos and hear about his thinking process.
Part 1: On Creativity
Part 2: The New Style
Part 3: From the Inside to the Outside

The Best PC notebook of 2007 is a Mac!! You heard right!!!

external image 136649-03_appleMacBookPro.jpg

According to PC World Magazine: "The fastest Windows Vista notebook we've tested this year (through 10/25/07) is a Mac. Try that again: The fastest Windows Vista notebook we've tested this year--or for that matter, ever--is a Mac." Yep! A PC magazine is saying this.

Teachers, next time you're asked if you want to have a PC or a Mac-- Say, you'd like both please!

MOVIE: INGENUITY: Cigar Box Guitar Building

When studying creativity and guitar playing, I came across this VERY INTERESTING group of instrument makers in the South. Ill explain why I love what they do later today. For now, enjoy the video. Youtube and ebay has created many opportunities for creative people to connect w/ the world. These cigarbox guitar makers have been using ebay, paypal, and youtube to help market and sell a very niche product/ experience.

external image apple-logo.png
Here is a blog on Logo creation. Cool reading, if you're interested in company logos.