ALASmedia Presents: Rock Star Learners (RSL)
This is a production packet for the RSL Project. BTW: This is an internal name ONLY for us.

DATE: March 9, 2010
To: Maxx Judd and Don Henderson, Apple
Title: Apple Education Leadership Summit Video Profiles
Due: April 15, 2010
Director: Marco Antonio Torres, Alas Media

Table of Contents


  • 90 (to 120) second video profiles.

To capture how ubiquitous access to technology, the power of relationships social media enhances, and how creativity have changed learning.
  • These students have used their access to technology, social networks, and creativity to build a ROCK STAR LEARNER (RSL) brand. 
This 90 - 120 second video should capture a WOW snapshot of what they do that makes them ROCK!
  • CONTEXT: Now, (1) with the power and capacity to create on the Mac and the ease of connecting with others (or resources) is now at a point to transform learning. Redefine what schooling looks like. What does this look like at the early grades level, the middle years, high school, and even at the university and beyond. Learning now is defined by your curiosity level, your access to people (to learn from), and the tools available to you to create something from an idea. Learners now are not only recipients of information and knowledge; they, too, are creators of information.



Progress Report:

Don, All movies are finished and delivered. I can make any last minute changes needed.

Collected media. Adjustments made. Done.
Done. Will make all adjustments2.
Don, I will be done by Sunday with all of the movies. Now, that Im home for a week, I will continue to pump out these pieces.


DRI: Mr.Hill:
DRI: Mr.Archer
DRI: Ben
DRI: Chris:
DRI: Nancy
Ms. Garcia
Her whole family
The Cooktime team

Mr. Klein


The School

Student helper (twins)

Ms. Fricker



5/5/10: Post movies for learners to view


The CEO from Marco Antonio Torres on Vimeo.

The Sneaker Artists

6. The Sneaker Artists_final w. End Credit from Marco Antonio Torres on Vimeo.

The VP V1

2. Kayvon-Medium w End from Marco Antonio Torres on Vimeo.

The VP V2

6. The VP V3 from Marco Antonio Torres on Vimeo.

The One Man Band V1

3. Ben-Medium w.End from Marco Antonio Torres on Vimeo.

The One Man Bad V2

3b. The One man Band V2 from Marco Antonio Torres on Vimeo.

The Celebrity Chef

2. The Celebrity Chef w END from Marco Antonio Torres on Vimeo.

The Apple Kid

1. The Apple Kida w END from Marco Antonio Torres on Vimeo.

4/22/2010: Done. making copies of the movies onto USB drives.

  • All updated and delivered.
  • USB drives to be delivered to Leanna, Remmi, and the Sneaker Artists; Mail drives to Aaron, Ben, and Kayvon. Don Action item.

4/20/2010: Don, They are all in the Can!

  • Kayvon Photography done.
  • Kayvon slide sent to you.
  • Remmi 3 going up when we land.
  • Chris Hui Movie up.
4/18/2010: Kayvon was Amazing!
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Story Structure re vision.
  • Chris Hui Movie, the rough cut is up. Audio will be cleaned tomorrow.

Matt&Chris, The Sneaker Artist Rough Cut 2 from Marco Antonio Torres on Vimeo.

WILL FIX AUDIO and Video, Add Lower thirds, etc tomorrow.
  • Kayvon image is up, too.
  • A roll: Kayvon: Mobile tech, new designs, new learning, HS, CBL.
  • A roll: Aaron: friends since kinder, staff are still students,
  • B roll. Cutaways. covered.
  • Notes about the Chris video:
  • I'm finally getting to those (Remmi v3, C2 v2) today. Yesterday and the previous day were difficult days with time.
  • But you will get them all (all 5 of 6) tonight.
  • Remmi's v3 is done. I Just haven't had the chance to upload it.
  • I spent a few hours 2 days ago, remixing audio for the new chris piece. I'm in SF now for Kayvon.
  • Notes about Kayvon:
brought to you by Livescribe

  • we're good to go for tomorrow's Kayvon shoot.
  • Shoot time at 10:00am: 11am-5pm
  • Story almost done for Kayvon.
  • Still finishing Kayvon. Some of the other movies are being finished.

4/16/2010: Finish all Movies and get approvals tomorrow from Don.

  • Chris still will have to wait. Had to add more video from another drive-- a 10 hour transfer (4 really).
  • Chris rough cut due tonight. Making changes to make the story work about Chris w/ Matt supporting.
  • FC Process from now on (After Don approves of RCs):


Correct color
Add 3rd Cam footage where needed
Normalize all audio.
Make any music fixes
all. leanna: try Dif song.
Smooth out the starts and stops of the movies.
all. Ben
Add titles: first name only. Adults: first last and title.
Add a title to each movie (use Apple specs).
Compress for (1) highest res (1) good, but smaller for DVDs
all. Sun
Get to don in DVD/ HD

4/15/2010: OFF DAY.

  • Remmi Rough Cut movie up. This is one of 2 versions I am posting tonight. The second connects her with school (A Roll teacher) and also shows Remmi working with her producers in civilian clothing-- cute. In the second version-- she is talking about the role of tech and you see her Keep in mind: this is only a rough cut. No lower thirds have been added. No audio has been normalized. No Color corrections have been made. Also, I have only included 2 of the three cameras for this footage. Music will be adjusted.

Remmi, Cooking Show Star Rough Cut from Marco Antonio Torres on Vimeo.



Remmi, The Cooking Star V2 Rough Cut from Marco Antonio Torres on Vimeo.

  • Kayvon was contacted to secure locations and timelines.
  • Flights secured for Marco and Rosa.
  • Final Cut process begins tomorrow.
  • Assets have been collected from Ben and some from Mr. Archer (Leanna)

4/14/2010: Finishing Rough Cuts today

  • Lesson learned: Next time we sync audio, we need to take notes: write file number and associate it w/ the camera file name, too. This should help expeditie the syncing process later.
  • Lesson learned: Make sure we have enough Cutaways for these types of projects.
  • Lesson learned: Aperture Workflow is now understood. Too bad it took 3 stories in. The result: we have 3-4 copies of the images and video clips.
  • Remmi rough cut due up today.
  • Chris rough cut due tonight. Making changes
  • GOAL: Thursday and FridaY: We fine tune (audio, video), make any changes Don wants, and begin to post final copies. Add Lower thirds.
  • Don has requested we deliver 3 different sizes each: large, Medium (for Computer), Small for iPhone. See Apple Specs. Back up to drive.

  • Remmi clip up. NOT RC.

Remmi, The Cooking Show Star Clip from Marco Antonio Torres on Vimeo.

4/12/2010: Post Day.

  • Waiting for Logic files from Ben.

Ben, One Man Band. Rough Cut from Marco Antonio Torres on Vimeo.

  • Ben Rough Cut up.
  • Images organized.
  • Second request for media assets from Ben and Chris.

4/11/2010: Post Day

Movie Updates
brought to you by Livescribe

Updates of all Movies.
  • Remmi Photography finished.
  • Footage Ingested.
  • Back up HDs bought at Best buy ($120 ea)
  • Ben RC is finished
  • Chris RC will be done by tomorrow.
  • Remmi footage is organized.
  • Thank you's to the school and remmis family
  • Contact the RSLs w/ instructions on uploading req files to my public folder.

4/9/2010: Remmi on deck today

  • Don is here!
  • Script is done. See below!
  • Day is planned.

4/8/2010: Off to Tulsa

  • Clips NOT ROUGH CUTS from Ben and Chris will be going up today, too.

Untitled from Marco Antonio Torres on Vimeo.

Leanna RC2 from Marco Antonio Torres on Vimeo.

  • Ben's will be up today.
  • Ill have some clips from Matt and Chris up, too.
  • Leanna's father will up load requested files for us.
  • Ben will upload requested files from us.
  • Matt and Chris will upload photos for us to use.

4/6/2010: Edit day!

  • Bad Internet!!!!! We'll have to upload from a coffee shop.
  • Waiting for FedEx to bring gear.
  • Remmi has been contacted for shoot.
  • Matt and Chris Photography is done! Ingestion DONE!

4/5/2010: Minneapolis.

  • Story structure done for these two guys! See below.
  • Gear came to us in one piece.
  • We will shoot in Matt's apt.
  • Shotlist done.
  • I will post Leanna rough draft today.
  • I will get you a check list of all of the releases we've collected.

4/3/2010: Ben's Photography is done.

  • Gear packed and sent to ship out (FedEx, Columbia, MD).
  • Ben. Finished photography. Very tightly connected to the story below. Great shoot. 3 people: Mrs. Caufiled, Sam, friend, and Ben (at home).
  • Ben ACTION: will sen some requested videos and audio tracks.
  • Ben:Ben's Story structure is finished. See below.
  • Key ideas: Apple pro apps, creating, learning, and sharing are integrated.
  • to Ms. Caufield: Why do you think he is so motivated to create.
  • Leanna's (rough) sequence is finished.
external image 4485093593_9879b1cd19_m.jpg

4/2/2010: New Aaron Rough cut up.

Aaron : adjusted audio, bw frozen image and title in the end, and alternate ending (rough cut) movie: Click here.

Aaron RC2 from Marco Antonio Torres on Vimeo.

  • Leanna sequence finished.
  • Aaron's audio normalized and re-uploading.
external image 4485173789_8ed002efbc.jpg
  • Ben's story structure is being finished by dinner.

4/1/2010: Aaron Rough cut up

  • Aaron, The Apple Kid Rough Cut available:

RC1: Aaron from Marco Antonio Torres on Vimeo.

Aaron TEASER (NOT ROUGH CUT) is posted (password: learn):

Aaron, The Apple Kid from Marco Antonio Torres on Vimeo.

  • All Leanna footage ingested.
  • Don and I talked about the stories. Don reinforced the importance of motivation and creativity. Also, we discussed how to handle the Apple presence in these videos. For now, its a background issue for everyone except for Ben, Aaron, and Keyvon-- the Apple products and brand are key to their stories. Everyone else will get the "feel" and essence of the Apple in the story and B roll. Its subtle and elegant.
  • Files have been backed up.
  • Gear shipped from LI to Bal. Tracking it.
  • Contacted Matt for Location confirmation for the Matt and Chris. Left message.
  • Talked to Don about Aaron's rough cut. It will be posted today.
  • Added Randy Nelson to the wiki.

3/31/2010: Leanna's photography done.

  • Leanna: Photography finished. See storyboard below for the storyline.
  • Music was created by her grandfather.
  • Great experience!
  • Leanna: Story structure is up. and posted below.

3/29/2010: Rough cut for Aaron done.

  • In Long Island. Ready to resume shoots. Leanne next.
  • Rough cut finished for Aaron.
  • ACTION: Ask Don about extending movies to 90 seconds - 120 seconds tops. I think it works for some. Ill keep you all posted.

3/17/2010: Layout seq done for Aaron

  • Layout sequence done for Aaron Aroll.
  • Remmi update: Conversation with mom, Nancy, regarding actual role of Remmi w/ the Cooking w/ Remmi Brand/ Show.

3/16/2010: Wiki Up

  • Done: Don emailed letters and releases to Chris Hui and Kayvon.
  • MOVIE: RSS feed from WIKI.

3/16/2010: Updates!

  • Added shot list for all by Kayvon.
  • All students have been booked. See Stories chart above for dates.
  • Leanna Update: School permission confirmed by Christine Buler. We can arrive at the school at 10:30. I have emailed and called Mr. Archer to confirm 12:00pm shooting in his basement where Leanna creates her products and Mr. Archers interview as well. (4:00pm update) We are all set with Leanna.
  • We will be able to get some shots of her making one of her products and putting on labels.
  • Her family works in the basement so we are able to shoot them labeling her products and getting them ready to ship (its what they normally do on the weekdays) also, we can get some shots of her macbook pro, he says she loves her computer.
  • Mr. Archer also gladly agreed to the interview, he quit his job because the company was so successful. Note: At school she does wear a white shirt but I made sure she won't be wearing white for the interview.
  • Ben Update: Times are set and confirmed. We will shoot in school studio at 8am and then at his house at 9:30. I'm only waiting to hear back from Mr. Reed assistant principal for permission to shoot on campus.
  • Kayvon Update: Called and left him a message to confirm schedule for the shoot.
  • Chris and Matt: Spoke with Chris. He is good to go at 1pm on April 5th. He recommends we shoot in Matt's apartment because it's bigger and more spacious than his.
  • ACTION: I need to speak to Matt to confirm this is ok. I called Matt and left a message.

ACTION: Still need letter and release to be sent to Chris and Kayvon. DON HENDERSON

3/13/2010: Kayvon in, Chris found.

1. Kayvon has confirmed and scheduled April 19th.
2. Matt and Chris have confirmed and scheduled April 5th in Minneapolis.

Here is Chris Hui information:
external image IMG_0749p_bigger.jpg
1815 university ave. SE #22
Minneapolis, MN 55414

- ALL OF THE Learners have been scheduled.
- ACTION: Chris Hui and Kayvon need their formal Apple letters and releases from Don.

3/11/10: Mat and Chris are in.

  • Mat and Chris confirmed to participate.
  • Don and I have agreed that if they do not call back to confirm dates with me tomorrow (3/12) by 3PM PST-- we will not be using them

3/10/10: Aaron Hill done.

  • Aaron Hill. Finished Photography.
  • Rough cut done for part 3.

3/9/2010: All are in!

  • All of the participants have been contacted (or their guardians) and have agreed to participated with the video shoot as well as the Dallas event.
  • Don Henderson has talked with him and Keyvon has agreed to participate, but no dates have been discussed.

3/9/2010: Justin is included.

  • Justin, too, has been contacted and will participate in the panel. I will talk to him to see if i can interview him at the event. I will NOT be able to go to him. I may have to repurpose some of the footage already in existence for him for the Dallas event, if time is an issue. I just will NOT post anything I produce or repurpose online without permission.
  • I may just add a YouTube link to ID him.

3/8/2010:Waiting for Kayvon

  • Scheduling finished. Just waiting for Keyvon to confirm his dates.Don provided us release forms.
  • He will be the contact person for all release, event questions.
  • Keyvon MY NOT Make the final 6. I may contact Justin instead of Keyvon on monday AM.



Group email link HERE.

Production Notes:

Pre Production:

  • When I arrive at the school/ work/ studio-- we do introductions, I learn form them about the school, the studio, then I discuss the plan for the video, some needs I have to better tell the story: Product and process.
  • After discussing goals, and I feel we connected, I ask for a walk through of the location to determine interview locations and then develop a set up plan with PA. 

We secure interview spots for RSLs with the help of school admins.
  • I will shoot an interview with the RSL. Depending on body language-- I will choose between a head, 3/4 or full body interview.

I will shoot b roll at their creative spaces.
  • Some of theme will not require a school, thus, no school release: Leanna, Matt, possibly Ben, Keyvon, and Remmi.

I will have 3 cameras. One for interviews 2 for B roll (one will be for computer (iphone) screen recording).

GEAR: Tripod and Apple Guidelines

  • Interviews, screen shots will use a tripod. I will have an assistant to worry about the gear, set up.
  • I will focus on the RSL.I will either have them say their name in the beginning or in the end.
  • I may just do a Apple defined lower third or have them state their name. I will define these as I see what works best.

GEAR: Mics & DOF

  • I am leaning on doing the interviews outside.
  • I will have 2 mics capturing the interviews.
  • I want a FREE feel to the talking. A Roll will look like this:


  • I like the outside look. It gives me the feel that all of this technology, social media relationships, and creativity can happen anywhere. Also, since Apple is the biggest mobile technology company-- this look can work for me. Ill give it a go with Aaron and see how it goes.
  • Its different. I will separate with a shallow DOF.
  • Rest assured that we will diffuse any hard light and make sure its even.
  • Don, I will use the D90 for DOF effect for the Broll. the HVX200 will provide me the necessary DOF needed for separation.Ill sync audio in Post.

GEAR: Light and P2 Cards

  • I have bought a Lite Panles 1x1 sunlight balanced light for fast, cool, and safe location light ($1700). Rental would have cost the same for less time.
  • Marco will purchase back up HD (1TB) and a P2 E-Series 32GB Card for HVX200.
  • NEED to pack: D90, 10.5 lens and 105 or 85 lense, charger, cf cards,
  • All music will be original and fun.
  • 3/12/2010: bought at EVS and a joby Gorillapod combo for lights, dmc camera

3/9/2010: Ben to score Music w/ Marco.

I may ask Ben to help me score the movies. I’ll give him credit. Ben has agreed to score and work with Marco on music.

Post Production:

3/3/2010: Videos to the Alasmedia Mobileme page.

I will post videos as I finish on my gallery. I may add a password. Ill inform you as I finish the first.

POST IDEAS: Special effects (optical and digital)

  • I may add a optical special effect to make the project a bit cooler. It wont be the star, but a cool way to work with the RSL. For example, time lapse for Ben building a song; Matt coloring a shoe.
  • Ill play with quick time speed ups for transitional video (less than a second). For the “cooler” stories: shoe, music, cooking. We can also rack focus between their face and the iPhone. Use DMC-GF1 camera for this effect or Nikon D90.

 Use the D90 for a fisheye view. We may use these video images for Broll (context).
  • Or, show several images of Leanna working at her basement office. I’d overlay her images over her office and cross dissolve between them in real time.
  • I can use this as B roll as she talks about what she does. Same concept with Remmi.
  • Incorporate photographic images of them laughing, smiling (possible). Lets get images. We’ll see if we use them later.

(The white figure can is Leanna going from location to location. We crossfade between them so we always see a couple of Leannas)
Show Kayvon in a video inside the iPod/ iPhone/ iPad.

3/11/10: Aaron's skit w/ Ms. Garcia

Skit for Aaron’s shoot. Use teacher to struggle w/ her tech and call Aaron for help.

KEY Question ideas:


  • Because of the access to creating and sharing technologies-- i can do so much more for my learning.
  • This is how i learn best-- by doing, making, sharing, teaching others.
  • I love challenges and apple really helps me meet those challenges.
  • I love to create. It helps me learn. Apple makes this easy: movies, music, making images, building a website.
  • School doesn’t necessarily help me do this (go beyond potential), but thanks to this IPHONE, MBP-- i have access to learning beyond school.
  • I love challenges, projects, working with others. Solving problems.
  • I am motivated when its a challenge. When its an assignment-- its not as motivating.
  • 3rd person: i think_ is a rock star learner or wow learner because the rules change for. its not about an A. its so much more.
  • 3rd person: has made me rethink the teacher / student roles.
  • 3rd person: I wish educational leaders can see what students can do if we allowed them to create, helped them love learning.
  • I use to do what I needed to to to make others happy. That was my schooling, but learning has changed now that im connected all of the time. I now love learning regardless of school.
  • I wish schools realized how much more interesting, fun learning could be if students were allowed to think for themselves, create their own solutions, and share their learning with others to add value to their own experience.
  • Technology is a must today. It helps move learning from adequate to brilliant because it connects, it allows you to create, and share to empower others!

Story Structure:


external image web.jpg?ver=12683293760001




For the skit, make sure to add audio from the phone call through the part where Aaron answers (mumble and distance it).
When Ms. Garcia is frustrated, show multiple angles to showcase loneliness.

Lots of cool CUs, too!


external image alg_13.jpg



Shots needed:

  • Leanna at her office. sitting at all her stations.
  • Working on her computer.
  • Collaborating w/ colleagues.
  • Office Coverage
  • Her house. Coverage
  • Outside her home
  • School coverage

Story Structure for Leanna

Page(s) 2 3 4
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external image default.jpg

Background on Ben

Shots needed:

  • School Coverage.
  • Band room Coverage.
  • Cribs-like walk through at school.
  • Community coverage.
  • Home coverage
  • Room coverage
  • computer screen
  • silly faces he makes while producing.
  • Shots he's made.

Story structure for Ben

Ben_Story structure
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Mat & Chris:

external image 93647.jpg

Background Link 2:

Background Link 1


Shots needed

  • Shoes details
  • Making the shoes
  • Designs from pencil to computer screen
  • Photographs of shoes and celebrities
  • Home Coverage
  • Outside Coverage
  • CUs of his art/ identity.

Story Structure for Mat & Chris

C2 customs shoes.



• Narrated by Chris:__ Some artists paint on canvas, mold with clay, photograph on celluloid, record on tape, produce with ones and zeros...... PAUSE...
• My media of choice is a sneaker. Or, I (choose to) create on a sneaker.
• B: Close ups: Face, hands, studio space.

My name is chris and I'm matt and we're artists, businessmen, and students.

• Cutaway of them two working on their shoes: Fun shots here.

A roll : Talk briefly about their art and business.

• Remixing culture. Remixing an old shoe and making it your own.
• Take what's out there and repurpose it. From the start: Goodwill to Lebron.
• Cutaway & Edit notes: quick pan to chris and matt standing up against a wall (blur in post)
• Brief history.

A roll : Create, learn, and share

• How does technology (apple technology) help you to plan an create?
• Cutaway:
• How do you use the net, social networks to learn from?
• Cutaway:

A roll : These are things you cannot learn at school.

You have to take advantage of what the web offers. Too bad schools block some of the most important sites for just in time or on the spot learning. I know there's stupid stuff out there, but the key is showing how to look around and though the crap to find the gold.

A roll : Sharing, getting our art and products out there

for people to see and buy is the icing on the cake, the coolest part.
• 2 guys from the midwest, not Queens or Santa Monica--can do this and have success at it, too.
MATT: Because of technology, IT NO LONGER MATTERS WHERE YOURE FROM. It actually this story kinda cool that Chris is from Milwaukee.
• Quote: who they sell to.

A roll : Context: how do they help each other out? This is more for me.

A roll : Challenge based learning. vs. Assignments. Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic.

• Every shoe is a challenge. It motivates me to do new things, thus learn new things, and share my learning. It's so much more of a personal journey than what I'm used to at school.
• Cutaway.


A roll : life, work, and everything else is so much better when you follow your passions.

• Alternative.
• When people don't get my art work, I just remind them that Lebron James seems to really like it.
• Cutaway. Holds up a shoe on a platter, kisses fingers. Slow motion.

Web Link:


external image Screen-shot-Remmi-200x152.png

Background on Remmi


Shots needed:

  • Chef outfit
  • Kitchen coverage
  • School Coverage
  • Watching her videos on an iphone/ ipad.
  • Her footage, clips.
  • Interacting w/ mom and peers.

Story Structure on Remmi

INTRO: B roll: CU/ M Remming preparing and cooking. Wiping her forehead.
A: It starts with a sprinkle of Curiosity (sprinkles something),
then 2 important cups of motivation and a little perspiration, if you like it spicy like me.
Then finally mix in a good amount of learning into the bowl.
Once its done, take it out of the oven and SHARE IT!!!!!
CA: Yummy!

Remmi Shoot
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brought to you by Livescribe

Web Link


external image kayvon_pic.jpeg

Background on Kayvon

Web Link:


Shots needed:

  • Office Coverage
  • The app
  • Using the iPad to view his app or discuss it.
  • In the Street below. SF Coverage.

Story Structure for Kayvon
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(7) Justin, MS

Med School in my pocket.
Part 1jfjfjfjffjfjfjfjfjffjjfjfjfjjfjjfjfjjfjfj
Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6: Closing Pearl

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